The Fall Edition: 7 Days of Delicious Detox

This Fall, do you want to…

  • Look fabulous in your skinny jeans?
  • Reign supreme over the back-to-school, increased-workload, pre-holiday season hustle & bustle?
  • Nip the old winter weight gain pattern in the bud?
  • Sleep better, and have more energy, brighter skin, & a lighter heart?
  • Help stave off seasonal colds & keep your immune system strong?

Start off on the right foot with a Fall Detox.

Our easy-to-follow detox is a simple, nourishing and delicious program designed to help you look and feel your best in 7 short days. No icky powders, no fancy equipment necessary, and most importantly, no feeling hungry.

“Detoxing in the beginning of the cooler months sets the stage for healthy eating & living patterns throughout the season. Instead of focusing on COMFORT from cookies & hot chocolates, a fall detox focuses on NOURISHMENT from stews, soups, & other nutritionally dense foods. In other words, a fall detox allows you to go into the holiday season craving-free. A diet of whole, real, clean food satisfies your body’s needs & gets you off the rollercoaster of sugar addiction!”

– from your Detox Divas Jaime Bakoss & Colleen DiPietro

What is a Detox?

Every day, we (knowingly or unknowingly) ingest toxins in the form of sugars, preservatives, additives and others, which our bodies find hard to digest. So, everyday these toxins cause inflammation which bogs our system and leads to digestive problems leading to a broad range of side effects ranging from moodiness to ‘brain fog’, bloating, bad skin, low energy, and weight gain.

An effective detox will help flush your system of toxins, and focuses on decreasing that inflammation, decreasing bloat and all those other side effects. You’ll be amazed at how different you look and feel.

How is Our Detox Unique?

Our highly successful detox program follows a few simple guidelines that put us ahead of other detoxes – and that puts you ahead too.

First, we use whole, nourishing and delicious foods that you will likely continue to eat and incorporate into your diet long after the week is over.

Second, we tune in to the seasons. The time of year not only affects what your body needs, but what’s available to flush and recharge it.

Lastly, it’s easy to follow. Everything you need is easily found at the grocery store.

We want your fall detox to be a PLEASURABLE experience; no worrying, no starving, no scrambling for recipes, no gagging down powdered drinks, no spending big bucks on more kitchen gadgets, and no binging or stressing when you transition from detox into the “real world”. In other words, we’ve got you covered!

  • Restoring your energy
  • Releasing weight
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Clearing up your skin
  • Ditching a bloated belly
  • Boosting your mood
  • Incorporating nourishing food into your diet EASILY
  • Falling in love with the food that’s going to keep you feeling…..Healthy and HOT!

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, omnivores, paleo-primal, allergy-ridden peeps!

Goodies Included in YOUR Fall Detox

  • Secrets to Success; Pre, During and Post-Detox Tips
  • Over 20 Recipes & Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snacks
  • 2 Beauty Tonics
  • 2 Must-Have Fall Detox Teas
  • Grocery List
  • Easy-to-Follow Meal Guide
  • 5 Dessert Recipes
  • FREE 30 minute health consultation


“I already ate very healthfully…So when I lost 5 lbs…I was kind of surprised…What I see is that my body seems less puffy, my skin looks good, my limbs look smaller and my stomach is flatter. I enjoyed the food on the cleanse and was not hungry. I learned a lot about myself while I did it, what habits I have and what is challenging for me.”
– Laren W.

“Feelin great!!!!! Lost 8ish pounds”
– Jody H.

“The recipes were great… keeping up w/ the lemon water and now drink WAY more water than i did before the detox. Best part is, that i haven’t had my normal sleeping troubles since the detox, which is MAJOR!”
– Leigh L.

Ready to begin your DELICIOUS 7 Day Detox program?

We will personally send you all your detox goodies listed above and contact you about your FREE 30 minute health consultation. 29.99 USD

Detox Your Clients

Buy and re-brand our detox for your business needs; sell to clients and build your health coaching practice.
59.99 USD

BONUS! This detox program can also be used as an elimination diet, anti-inflammatory diet, and any allergy-free diet. We’ve done ALL the work, which means, no scrambling for recipes or meal guides. Use our program, put your business logo on all documents and quickly make up your initial investment plus MAKE PROFIT!

Contact us with any questions.